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Our History

Dazzle School of Visual & Performing Arts was founded in 2002 by Anne Harvey to provide arts-with-education programs and training to those with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and mental health issues. Since that time, Dazzle has become a waiver certified, after-school respite program provider through the Office of People With Developmental Disabilities and the Finger Lakes DDSO.

About Anne Harvey, Founder and Executive Director

Anne Harvey had a vision.

The vision begins with five-year-old Anne riding in the car with her family past the Rochester State Hospital/Psychiatric Center where she saw many buildings with bars on the windows, with people inside hanging onto the bars crying and screaming.

When Anne was in her late teens, she volunteered with the Red Cross, asking to work in that building. She wanted to make life a little better for the people living there.

As a young mom, Anne saw an article in the newspaper that there was a new building going up to house those patients. It would be the Monroe State School (now Monroe Developmental Center). She applied for a job there and was hired before the building was finished. She worked there for 34 years.

While working there, she had a revelation. Her clients would never have the chance to travel the world. Her vision was to bring the world to them. Within an hour of her retirement from Monroe Developmental Center, the concept of the Dazzle School of Visual & Performing Arts was born.

Ms. Harvey has traveled around the world researching the arts, customs, and cultures, from Portugal to Morocco, Egypt to Liechtenstein, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Argentina, and China, to bring back knowledge and education for the community via theatre productions, cultural programs, and travelogues.

Ms. Harvey holds a degree in Human Services from Empire State College and a Theatre Arts Degree from Finger Lakes Community College.